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Well maintained and frequently updated websites get more traffic and generate better leads thereby helping the growth of the business.

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Over some time, your WordPress website needs updates and maintenance to keep the content in good condition.
We can help you.

Wordpress updates, new plugins installation, third party plugin, New and additional content with images are frequent and automated features of Wordpress. This makes maintenance service a must for every Wordpress Website Owner. If you are the owner of active business and value your brand, then Wordpress maintenance services are a must for you.

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Your website is center of Database, content, images, various API, visitors, competitors, employees, and opportunities

Different types of WordPress Maintenance

WordPress Web India is a company with a glorious reputation when it comes with regard to developing and maintaining websites with WordPress CMS. We are having 12 years of experience in effectively detecting and solving issues with WordPress websites. Here are our most redundant maintenance projects:

  • Faulty code and Inconsistent backend framework:

    This is one of the most common and critical WordPress website issues that we receive. Due to faulty code, the Website behaves abnormally and can pose security threats as well as complete shutdown. WordPress Web India effectively cleans faulty codes and maintains a solid backend for your website.

  • Security Issue:

    We also solve security issues with the website, detect vulnerability, recover attacked websites, installing SSL and maintaining it throughout the website and so on.

  • Performance:

    We also receive and effectively solve issues like slow loading time, non-responsive pages across devices, etc. We effectively address and solve these issues by optimizing the website and providing the best maintenance.

Why WordpressWebIndia Agency for Development

There are a lot of WordPress Maintenance Agency out there, but why WordPress Web India? Well, the easy answer because we are experienced and we can. Apart from that here is our top reason for hiring us:

  • Quality:

    Our WordPress experts are certified and well trained at the same time, they will never disappoint you by failing to complete the maintenance task.

  • Accountability:

    We care for our clients and we take full responsibility for each and every project that is assigned to us. This accountability sets us apart from most other companies out there.

  • Reasonable Price:

    There are a lot of agencies out there who will charge you sky-high price even for a small amount of work, but we are not like that. WordPress Web India proudly provides quality work at a reasonable price with no hidden costs.

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Personal Blog, Small Business, Medium Enterprise, and large company.
Wordpress Website India has a Custom Maintenance package for all.

strategy process

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Our Maintenance Strategy and Process

WordPress Web India uses a definite framework to effectively diagnose the problem of your site and efficiently solving it. Our working framework is almost similar while undertaking any project and it helps us to complete the project with excellent output. Here’s our working process:

  • Addressing the problem:

    First of all, we let our clients fill out a form where he/she discuss the problem that the website is experiencing. We put most importance in this part because we believe in order to solve any problem, identification is the most vital point.

  • Running diagnostic:

    After taking account of our clients, we run our diagnostic tests on the website with reported problems. And once the reason for the problem is identified we explain it to our clients and start with the solution.

  • Solution and happy clients:

    Our developers and expert coders solve the diagnosed problem and restore the website to its former glory, marking a happy end to the project by making the clients happy. We also keep the websites under observation for an amount of time as a precautionary measure.

Benifites of wordpress customization

Whenever there is a problem, we believe the problem must be solved or else it creates further issues. With this philosophy here is our list of the benefits of WordPress maintenance service:

Addressing the problem:

Maintenance services help to address the problem, and addressing the problem is the first step towards solution.

Retaining the Performance:

With the passage of time, if your website’s performance reduces, maintenance is mandatory to retain the former standard.

Clean Code:

Most of the issues with a WordPress site happens due to faulty code and a maintenance service helps to get rid of it and make the code clean.

Increasing responsiveness:

WordPress Maintenance services help to increase the responsiveness of the site making it compatible and versatile across devices.

Enhanced SEO:

Since maintenance services solve the problems of the website, the Search Engine Ranks enhances significantly because websites with faulty codes give bad SEO results.

Trust of your Target population:

Abnormal behavior by the Website decays the trust of your target population and so by regular maintenance, the service of the website is kept intact along with the trust of the people.

Good for business:

Regular maintenance of the website is good for the business, it increases the sale of service and products.

Intact Security:

WordPress Maintenance Service exposes the vulnerability of the Website and significantly increases the security of the website against potential cyber-attacks.

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Our WordPress Maintenance Tips for you

WordPress Web India believes that prevention is always better than cure. Besides if you yourself follow some small tips you can keep your WordPress website healthy and thus saving thousands of bucks. Here are our tips as a compliment:

Use Secure Hosting:

Always use secure hosting service, because if the root remains faulty the tree doesn’t grow big enough. We recommend you to use trusted web hosting services with a reputed background.

Perform Backup:

Perform Scheduled backup of your website, this will help you and also the maintenance service to act quickly and restore your website.

Avoid Faulty Codes:

Always avoid faulty codes, they make your website behave abnormally in the long run.

Use Security Plugins:

A lot of security plugin is available in the WordPress store, use them to keep your website safe from the clutches of malware as well as spammers.

Avoid Free and Null theme:

Using free and pirated themes on your website is a very bad idea, most of the time they don’t come with accountability of security. You should always download themes from trusted sources like the Envato market, or hire expert developers like WordPress web India.

Install SSL:

Installing SSL will give you the extra benefit in SEO and ensure the security of the website at the same time.

Remain Minimal:

Simplicity is often the best answer in many cases, so keep the back end of your website minimal and put just what it needs to run the website nothing more or less.

And Finally:

If you are not an expert in WordPress, whenever you face any problem seek help from the experts. Your uncalculated steps may prove very detrimental to your website.


cleaveland using symphony
compareguru using php laravel
DA using magento 2 framework
Serena Foods developed using Wordpress
gamezy using laravel framework
healing holidays
Reward points system for IHG hotels
Wordpress development using laravel
ks Transfer
Sales api integration for wager talk.


cleaveland using symphony
compareguru using php laravel
DA using magento 2 framework
Serena Foods developed using Wordpress
gamezy using laravel framework
healing holidays
Reward points system for IHG hotels
Wordpress development using laravel
ks Transfer
Sales api integration for wager talk.

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